802.16e thesis

Abstract Mobile communication has developed very during the last few years. Due to this fast development in this field, subscribers of today are enjoying the use of many applications ranging from data, voice, audio to video irrespective of the place where they are stationed or moving about.

802.16e thesis

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Abstract Packet scheduling has drawn a great deal of attention in the field of wireless networks as it plays an important role in distributing shared resources in a network. The process involves allocating the bandwidth among users and determining their transmission order.

A threshold policy is imposed to the nrtPS queue to ensure that the delay constraint of real time traffic UGS, ertPS, and rtPS is not violated making this approach original in comparison to the existing contributions. A mathematical model is formulated for the weighted sum of the mean waiting time of each individual queues based on the pseudo-conservation law.

The 802.16e thesis of the analysis are useful in obtaining or testing approximation for individual mean waiting time especially when queues are asymmetric where each queue may have different stochastic characteristic such 802.16e thesis arrival rate and service time distribution and when their number is large more than 2 queues.

The salient features of the Mobile WiMAX that are attractive are the capability of handling the quality of service QoS and the physical layer PHYscalability, and the medium access control MAC layer, which are exclusively designed to meet different kinds of traffic.

However, it does not specify how to effectively schedule and guarantee the QoS according to the different types of applications. An extensive numbers of scheduling schemes have been proposed by researchers, and the most common approach has been by means of simulation.

Simulation is a widely used technique for computing the performance measures of all kinds of models. With such manner, the performance of the Mobile WiMAX system in terms of delay, throughput, jitter, and packet loss is evaluated.

However, despite of the flexibility, simulation may be rather inefficient in many cases and results based on simulation are relatively inaccurate as compared to the mathematical analysis [ 1 ].

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A number of works have been focusing on evaluating the analytical model of the scheduling scheme in the context of Mobile WiMAX system. The authors in [ 2 ] put forward the idea of scheduling algorithm for the voice over IP VoIP services.

The system model is represented as a one-dimensional Markov chain with an on-off model for the voice traffic. From here the average number of voice users in on-state, the maximum number of users that can be serviced in one MAC frame, the system throughput, and the access delay were established.

802.16e thesis

In [ 3 ] a novel scheduling scheme was presented to provide QoS satisfaction and service differentiation in terms of delay.

The time window,of the Proportional Fairness PF is manipulated to distinguish the service and QoS assurance of each queue. The study in [ 4 ] concentrates on the performance analysis for the polling rtPS and Non-Real-Time Polling Service nrtPS service based on an approximation model known as the exhaustive time-limited polling model with vacation.


Furthermore, the model assumes that the UGS and polling service PS classes are completely partitioned which allow for independent analysis of the PS traffic.

The author in [ 5 ] formulated the analytical model taking into account the modulation and coding scheme MCS as well as the signaling overhead in the downlink. Though the above study focused on the analytical model as part of the findings, the model is derived assuming that the traffic from different classes in the Mobile WiMAX is totally separated which allows for independent analysis.

802.16e thesis

However, this is not always true in the actual condition. Mobile WiMAX networks are designed to allow for the coexistence of various types of traffic ranging from real-time traffic such as VoIP and video conferencing to non-real-time traffic such as file transfer and e-mail service through various scheduling services.

Thus, employing a single scheduling service would lead certain applications to fail to function properly. For instance, delay is the most critical issue for the real-time traffic and should not suits with scheduling service without the QoS requirement such as nrtPS and BE considering that the performance could deteriorate.

In this paper, different scheduling services of the Mobile WiMAX are combined to obtain the weighted sum of mean waiting time for each queue. Owing to the extreme complexity of the analysis which is due to the amount and asymmetric characteristics of each queue, an approximation model referred to as pseudoconservation law is used.

In the case of symmetric queues, the laws give exact expression of the mean waiting times [ 67 ]. On the contrary, an accurate approximate model can be obtained as in the case of asymmetric queues.WiMAX (e) Base Station M SHAKEEL BAIG Signal Processing Group Department of Signals and Systems Chalmers University of Technology thesis, and my thanks to its employees for providing an encouraging environment, during my stay at the office.

I express my sincere thanks to my supervisors, Yusuf Jamal, Klas Brink and Rickard.

On the Modelling of the Mobile WiMAX (IEEE 8016e) Uplink Scheduler

IEEE e-based cross-layer study of changing hands Agreement Cross-layer Handoff Scheme for IEEE Institute of master's thesis Jan Communications Engineering. Our WiMAX network simulation projects started as an initiative which focuses on innovation in each project.

We have successfully accomplished + WiMAX . standard IEEE e. Most of the vulnerabilities already discovered allow for DoS attacks to be carried out on WiMAX networks. This study examines and analyzes a new DoS attack on IEEE e standard.

We investigate how system parameters for the WiMAX Bandwidth Contention Resolution (BCR) process ff network vulnerability to DoS attacks. Ganan, Imad Alhadi Omar () Performance Evaluation of OFDM and Modulation Techniques in Mobile WiMAX (IEEE e). Masters thesis, Universiti Utara Malaysia.

In this thesis, our main objective is to analyze the handover between two WLAN, two Wimax and two UMTS networks. Wimax. Four nodes of nodes (Access points) are used and four nodes of nodes (Base station) NIST module of e are used in ns In this case, out of the existing algorithm best algorithm with best score is.

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