An analysis of the importance of the fact that more foreign languages learned can be of huge help

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An analysis of the importance of the fact that more foreign languages learned can be of huge help

Should schools focus more on foreign languages?

An analysis of the importance of the fact that more foreign languages learned can be of huge help

March 8, By Jeremy Quattlebaum, Student Voices staff writer With increasing awareness of our interconnected world, there is a call for more Americans to become fluent in a language other than English.

But because of tight budgets, foreign-language requirements are going by the wayside in schools. Only 10 percent of native-born Americans can speak a language other than English, according to an analysis of census figures.

When immigrants were included, the percentage increased to In Europe, 53 percent of the students have mastered a second language, often English, while in the United States, the percentage is 18 percent.

Many of those students have mastered the language through family and not in school. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said he believed learning a second language was important. The percentage for high schools remained about the same at 91 percent, according to the Center for Applied Linguistics.

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At the college level, 51 percent of colleges and universities have a foreign-language requirement for graduation. Studies show that fluency in a second language has many benefits, especially in our globalizing world.

Mastering a foreign language can open up the world to students, giving them an advantage when they apply for college or for jobs. People who have mastered a second language tend to earn more and have access to better jobs. As companies, nonprofits and the government begin to look at markets abroad, knowledge of the language and the culture helps job seekers stand out, making fluency of a second language a marketable tool in the job search.

The lack of Americans fluent in a second language also affects national security. In global politics and in conflict, knowledge of the other languages is an advantage.

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What do you think? Should there be a greater emphasis on foreign languages in high schools? How important is it to learn a foreign language? Would knowing a second language help you in your post-high school plans?

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An analysis of the importance of the fact that more foreign languages learned can be of huge help

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