Are you stupid if you dont have a college degree

And if there's anything that working with college students has taught me, it's that many, many, oh, so many truly dumb people manage to get even advanced degrees from prestigious institutions every year, if their life circumstances are right.

Are you stupid if you dont have a college degree

Some use their college years to become wiser and more well-rounded citizens, either through exposure to other students and their cultures or as a byproduct of their extensive studies.

And what an investment indeed. The tragic irony, however, is that many students will actually graduate worse off than they were before they started. Because the government offers up all kinds of help for those who look. Unfortunately, many of those careers, especially those in print media, have ventured into dinosaur territory when it comes to their future potential.

For example, the U. The following careers and their corresponding annual median wages will give you an idea: The latter is probably your worst option for this degree; Projections Central predicts that employment for psychiatric technicians will only increase 3.

Theatre Arts A theatre arts degree is the perfect primer — for a career as a waiter in one of the finest restaurants in town. If you want to be an actor, most experts suggest jumping in and just being an actor.

However, many people enter the career without a degree at all. In fact, the most important qualities for a career in fashion design are the inherent skill it takes to design clothing and accessories and an innate artistic ability.

But the news gets even worse, since securing a job in this field — degree or not — might not be that easy. Microelectronic Engineering Microelectronics is the study and manufacture of tiny electronic devices and instruments.

The bad news is, technology and robots have replaced many of the jobs that would normally be open in this field. BLS numbers also show dismal wages for these workers.

These numbers just go to show that unless you are truly gifted and driven, art might be something you want to do in your spare time while you pursue a degree in a field that makes more financial sense.

According to Projections Central, employment for police patrol officers is only expected to increase 5.

Hospitality and Tourism The good news for lodging and tourism majors is that employment projections for this industry are mostly favorable. Travel agents are expected to see a If you love art, for example, nothing is stopping you from taking art classes on the evenings or weekends.

Likewise, those who love theatre can become active participants in their neighborhood or county theatre group, or pursue a real career as an actor by auditioning for parts like everyone else. You can even take your chances and pursue one of these degrees against all odds if you want, although many would advise against it.Essays about the value (or lack thereof) of a college education in today’s world are easy to find.

I have two degrees from college, an associates degree in one subject and a bachelors degree in IT. I don’t regret going to school and they helped me grow as a person and in my career. However I do have student loan debt. If you invent anything while in college, the college OWNS the invention. Last time I attended college, I got a professor to admit that grade inflation was the standard. I think student loans trip up nearly everyone. It seems so easy. You don’t even have to really sign anything anymore because all you do is type your name into the computer.

Most of them, however, are written by people whose college years are . It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page.

Do You Really Need that Master’s Degree?

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Another factor you have to consider is the. “You haven’t truly experienced college until you have failed a class.” My older cousin told me this when I was in middle school.

I didn’t believe him at the time, but I quickly that he was right when I entered college. I am so frustrated with this school. I have been trying to complete my last 2 classes for a year now.

They are so slow to respond and heaven forbid if you . Finding a job is tough when you have an arrest record or prior conviction.

Are you stupid if you dont have a college degree

We know you're frustrated about trying to get your life straight and facing so many obstacles.

Are you stupid if you dont have a college degree