Crack cocaine addiction essay

In order to reduce the negative behaviors along with outcomes that are associated with substance abuse?

Crack cocaine addiction essay

For thousands of years, many indigenous tribes in this region have chewed coca leaves to produce a mild, stimulating feeling, and continue to do so to this day. Scientists isolated cocaine from coca leaves in the s. It was also included in many of the popular health tonics of the day, including Coca-Cola.

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Cocaine is a fine white powder, bitter to the taste. When inhaled or injected, it causes a numbing effect. View the fact sheet. Facts Many myths surround cocaine and crack cocaine use. Despite media reports claiming crack to be addictive with a single use, the best data, from government-sponsored surveys, have consistently shown that less than one out of four people who ever tried the drug used it more than once.

Research now indicates that other factors, such as poverty, are responsible for many of the ills previously thought to be associated with cocaine and crack cocaine use.

Cocaine Addiction Stories - A Life-Ruining Addiction

Criminal penalties for possession and sale of powder and crack cocaine are severe. Despite recent federal reforms of crack sentencing lawsmuch higher penalties still exist for possession and sale of crack, despite the fact that, pharmacologically, it is the same drug as cocaine.

Possession of 28 grams of crack cocaine yields a five-year mandatory minimum sentence for a first offense; it takes grams of powder cocaine to prompt the same sentence. Most users sniff or snort cocaine, although it can also be injected or smoked. Since the s, cocaine has become more plentiful and cheaper.

Although cocaine HCL and crack remain widely available throughout most of the United States, the cost and purity of both drugs vary.

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The high from snorting or sniffing powder cocaine may last minutes. Smoking crack delivers large quantities of the drug to the lungs, producing effects comparable to intravenous injection. These effects are felt almost immediately after smoking, are very intense, and last minutes.

Crack cocaine addiction essay

Although cocaine is easy for teenagers to obtain, only a small percentage of them try it. This is markedly lower than the peak of 17 percent for the senior class of In terms of crack, 3 percent of eighth graders, 4 percent of tenth graders, and 4 percent of twelfth graders reported using the drug at least once during their lifetime in the same survey.

Sources Reinarman, Craig and Harry G. Demon Drugs and Social Justice. University of California Press. The experience of using and quitting. Epidemiologic trends in drug abuse, Volume 1: Proceedings of the community epidemiology work group, highlights and executive summary December.

Crack cocaine addiction essay

Drugs in American Society. How did a drug whose addictive properties were once compared to potato chips become the scourge of America? National results on adolescent drug use, Cocaine, an illegal street drug often called “blow,” “coke,” and “crack” on the streets, is a recreational drug that is created by purifying an extract from the leaves of the Erythroxylum coca bush.

Different processes produce the two primary forms of cocaine we see on the street. Essay Instructions: Paper is a literature review that researches heroin and cocaine addiction and overdoses. It also has to include some effects it leaves on families that have gone through it and the damage that has been done.

Cocaine is an alkaloid found in leaves of a South American shrub. It is a powerfully reinforcing stimulant. The drug induces a sense of exhilaration in the user primarily by . LATEST in Cocaine addiction - An Essay about What Home Means To Me.. Latest News.

LATEST in Cocaine addiction The Plan: Come off methadone using morphine tablets.

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Don't top up with heroin. Don't use crack-cocaine. Go and stay with parents for the best part of a month (until college restarts in the autumn) and get totally clean. Come back. Cocaine is a natural product extracted from the leaves of Erythroxylon coca Lam (coca leaves).

This tropical shrub is cultivated widely on the Andean ridge in South America and is the only known natural source of cocaine. Jul 22,  · Long before drug cartels, crack wars and TV shows about addiction, cocaine was promoted as a wonder drug, sold as a cure-all and praised by some of the greatest minds in medical history, including.

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