Farewell to arms vocab chs 1 21

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Farewell to arms vocab chs 1 21

Farewell to arms vocab chs 1 21

Serving as a handy reference book, The Key informs beginning students of the organizations, policies, and activities of East Carolina College. A popular asset to the literary field, the handbook also includes a welcome to the new students and a history of the College. Edited during spring and summer quarters, these books are distributed during Orientation Week each fall.

As with the other publications, the editor is selected by the Publications Board. In turn, he selects his own staff.

East Carolina College also recognizes outstanding student leaders, beauty queens, faculty members, and marshals. These persons are in the limelight at East Carolina College.

Pat, as she is commonly called, is an education major. Hailing from Fort Barnwell, this fair hazel-eyed beauty participates actively in the Association for Childhood Education.

She was one of the semi-finalists in the Inter-Dormitory Queen competition, and her name is quite often found on the list for other beauty titles on the campus.

In this capacity, she is next in line for the crown if the queen should relinquish it. A psychology major, this sophomore hails from Falls Church, Virginia. Polly Bunting, a senior, majors in grammar education.

This Greensboro native is a member of the Home Economics Club. Her name was the winner from approximately fifty candidates representing the various organizations on campus.

Summer School Queen Sandra Denton, the Summer School Queen, was chosen by popular vote of the persons attending the first summer session.

Her coronation was the climax to the annual Summer School Dance. Called by the name of Sandee, this vivacious lass is a sister in Chi Omega sorority.

Her major is social studies. Cornelia Holt walked away with the title at the Jaycee pageant held in March.

Personality, talent, and poise were the critieria for the selection by the panel of judges. A member of Sigma Sigma Sigma, this lovely lass is from Troy. She is a junior majoring in elementary education and enjoys singing as a hobby. A Sigma Sigma Sigma and a resident of Gastonia, this sparkling brunette enjoys music and swimming.

She was chosen as Inter-Dormitory Queen from forty coeds. A home economics major from Statesville, this college marshal was chosen by the Greek men to represent them for a one year term.

In addition, this junior is the Sweetheart of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Karen includes sewing and designing clothes as her hobbies. Hailing from Kannapolis, Margie was a homecoming sponsor in The Project Gutenberg EBook of The Travels of Marco Polo Volume 1 by Marco Polo and Rustichello of Pisa.

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