Frito lays dips case

Frito-Lay is a nationally recognized leader in the manufacture and marketing of snack foods. Frito-Lay not only had net sales in of three billion but also captured about thirty three percent of the snack foods sold in the United States. These two dips were generally viewed as a complement to the companies Fritos corn chip.

Frito lays dips case

Frito-Lay’s Dips

Should we categorize our dips only in the "chip and dip" category or should we actively pursue the "vegetable dip" category as well? With the upcoming budgets for for both sales and advertising media, we are troubled with the possibilities for our company to misrepresent our product and potentially lose revenue if we make the mistake of not furthering the development of the vegetable dip market.

Moreover, at this particular time, it is crucial that we truly identify a well thought out plan and execute it efficiently to the best of our ability. By deciphering between which market will have the most promising benefits to our company.

Analysis Frito-Lay is given the opportunity to profit from their most recent powerful position in the dip market by expanding their product line to include vegetable dips that will harmonize their successful cheese and Mexican dip lines.

With the accurate launch and positioning, Frito-Lay, Inc. We can opt to produce a new product line consisting of vegetable dips.

Frito lays dips case

The more products we have, the more acknowledgment we could receive, and the profits will highly increase. We switched our marketing strategy to consumer promotions insuch as product sampling and coupons to generate "trial" of new products that could raise awareness of our new products that we are offering that compliments are established line of salty snacks.§ For Frito-Lay's cheese dips, Frito-Lay chose to stay with the Frito-Lays name to trade off the company's equity in salty snacks and capitalize on the company's strengths in marketing and distribution.

Frito Lay Case Study 3 Prior to line until the introduction of the cheese dips in late After the introduction of the cheese dip line, Frito-lay began promoting all of their dips, but almost all of their marketing efforts were steered toward retail-store snack food buyers in the form of trade-oriented promotions.

In the emphases of marketing shifted from Trade Promotions to Consumer 80%(10).

Frito lays dips case

View Case Analysis- Frito Lay from BUSINESS at Northern Kentucky University. Case Analysis Frito Lay Dips Dip Category Complementary Product Used as an appetizer, snack or to. § Frito-Lays were a highly profitable product line and had show phenomenal sales growth in the past five years.

§ Shelf-stable' dips can be displayed virtually anywhere in a supermarket. § Frito-Lay is a nationally recognized leader in the manufacture and marketing of salty snack foods.

§ In. View Homework Help - frito lays casedocx from MARKETING at University of Akron. 2/23/16 Frito-Lays Dips Case Analysis For the SWOT analysis for Frito-Lays Dips some strengths is that in Frito Lay's Dips Step One: SWOT Analysis for Frito Lay's Dips Internal Factor Strengths Weaknesses Management Have very good arguments for both opportunities in the marketplace.

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