Gemba kaizen in tire industry

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Gemba kaizen in tire industry

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The father of Kaizen speaks! Gita Piramal January 28, The year-old mind of Masaaki Imai runs razor sharp belying the frailty of his small frame.

He talks with sincere conviction, pausing to select the right words. He has to be careful, after all, his words have been changing the way the corporate world talks, and more important, acts.

When he first threw the word 'Kaizen' at the corporate world through his book Kaizen: The Key to Japan's Competitive Success init was swallowed hungrily by a world in the throes of transition. Translated in fourteen languages, Kaizen became a fad the world over.

Toyota, the outstandingly successful Japanese carmaker, became one of his most committed followers. However, Imai, the founder of a leading international management and executive recruiting firm, and consultant to over two hundred companies, realized that the concept had neither been digested nor well implemented.

He introduced an evolved form of Kaizen in in his book Gemba Kaizen: A Commonsense, Low-Cost Approach to Management, to reassert the importance of the shop floor in bringing about continual improvement in an organization.

Today, the father of 'Kaizen' and 'Gemba Kaizen' is convinced that to survive in an increasingly competitive world, top management must adopt a just-in-time approach and drive change down the hierarchy without yielding to resistance.

Forget forecasting, concentrate instead on crashing the time taken to execute orders.

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According to Imai, 90 per cent of all corporate problems can be solved using common sense and improving quality while reducing cost through the elimination of waste is the only option for survival.

In an exclusive interview to The Smart Manager, Imai explained the principles underlying his just-in-time philosophy: Kaizen is about constant continual improvement but in today's world, are small improvements enough?

What if you need to make big, radical changes? Kaizen is the means to achieve a corporate strategy, not the strategy. Every corporation needs to make a radical change, or some change at least, to survive in this very competitive, rapidly changing world.

The most important challenge facing top management today, especially in a manufacturing company, is to establish a target about where they want to take the company in the next two, five and ten years. In manufacturing, there are only two systems.

Gemba kaizen in tire industry

One is the batch or queue production system, and the other is what we call just-in-time JIT or the Toyota production system. One of the most urgent tasks for top management is to choose the strategy, and say that we have decided to change to the just-in-time production system to be able to survive in the new millennium.

Kaizen is misunderstood by most people.Isn’t lean all about culture, really?

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Twenty-four years into lean, and this question still pops up. Amazing. Isn’t Toyota Japanese? Isn’t lean designed for the Japanese culture? And yes, on the gemba, people still question Japanese words, such as gemba, kaizen or – save us!

– heijunka.

Kaizen: “Never be satisfied with the status quo!”

Gemba Walks. Gemba is a Japanese term that means “the real place” and refers to the place where value is created within the value stream. It could be the factory floor, the sales floor, the construction site, or where there is a direct interaction between the service provider and the customer.


There is a broad spectrum of applications for portable helium leak detectors that touches numerous industry market segments. Vacuum systems as well as a wide variety of products and devices require leak testing as part of the quality testing process.

Considerations When Purchasing a Portable Helium Leak Detector Gemba Kaizen. Implementation of Gemba kaizen principles on the shop floor (Autonomous Maintenance), Planned Maintenance,5S,Inventory Management) Military workshop and personnel management. Giving humanitarian services on famine and war torn Head of OSHA at Standard group .

The tire manufacturer’s aging cameras were not working properly, and replacements were no longer commercially available.

This was a significant problem because it’s essential for professional retreaders to adhere to stringent industry standards at each step of the retreading process. Kaizen tires are manufactured at state-of-the-art plants under the expertise of Apollo Tyres Limited, the leader in the Indian tire industry.

Every tire manufactured passes through stringent quality standards that have been established and must meet the commitment towards offering high-quality products.

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