Graduate thesis biology

How does this degree program work?

Graduate thesis biology

Please note that admission and degree requirements and deadlines in the university catalog or on the Graduate thesis biology and Graduate Studies Web page may be incomplete. Applicants and students must follow the guidelines below.

In addition to the formal requirements, this page also includes practical information originally compiled in the Graduate Student Handbook. We hope that you can find the information you need on these pages. If not, please don't hesitate to ask other graduate students, faculty, or the graduate coordinator Dr.

Kyle PillerBiology Building,kpiller southeastern. In addition, if you notice important areas that were omitted, please bring them to Dr.

Graduate Thesis Research

All credits earned in the graduate degree program must be completed within six years. Some of these requirements can be confusing, so here is a little more information.

For thesis hours GBIOa minimum of six hours must be taken, but additional hours can be taken if necessary. These hours get a grade of Incomplete until graduation, when they change to Passing. For example, a student could not graduate with 12 credits at the level and 13 credits at the level, even though the total is sufficient.

It would be necessary to take at least one more credit at the level. Courses at the level are cross-listed for undergraduates at the level.

Even though these courses meet together, they are not equivalent- the student must register for the level offering for graduate credit. It is up to the student to keep abreast of any changes in these procedures.

Grade Requirements, Probation, and Suspension Graduate students are expected to maintain a 3. A student whose semester GPA is below 3. Probation status will be retained as long as the student's cumulative grade-point average is below 3. Application for readmission may be made after one semester of suspension by submitting the appropriate form available from the Graduate Coordinator to the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies.

After a second suspension, the student must wait one calendar year before applying for readmission. A third suspension results in final expulsion from the program without possibility for reapplication.

Graduate Program Personnel This is the cast of characters relevant to graduate students see also Graduate Faculty. Kyle Piller is the administrative leader of the graduate program. His responsibilities include processing application materials within the department, advising new graduate students regarding course selection during the first semester, advising the student in the selection of a major professor, administering the oral and written exams, providing necessary forms, maintaining a file for each graduate student, checking the final degree plan to verify that all course work is completed, attending the thesis defense, and approving the final copies of the thesis.

Christopher Beachy is the administrative leader of the Department of Biological Sciences. With regard to the graduate program, his responsibilities include attending the thesis defense, approving the final copies of the thesis, appointing and supervising all teaching assistants, and approving all budget expenditures.

Dean of Research and Graduate Studies The Dean must approve and sign all forms pertaining to teaching assistantship appointments, degree plans, and final copies of the thesis. Major Professor The Major Professor is the individual who will most significantly affect a graduate student's career.

The Major Professor should be chosen by mutual agreement. The Major Professor should warrant the professional respect of the student and share common research interests.The Department of Biology offers programs leading to a Master of Science degree.

Thesis research is a major component of the MS program. Students who are not interested in research should investigate other programs with a non-thesis option or simply register for .

Candidates should review APSU Biology faculty research interests and are encouraged to contact faculty with whom they would like to collaborate on a graduate thesis project. Faculty must agree to serve as the thesis advisor prior to admission under this plan.

Graduate teaching assistantship (GTA): A teaching assistantship is the most common mechanism used by UNC biology graduate students for earning an income while working on a degree.

These are available for both Master's (thesis) and doctoral students. The Master of Science in Biology requires completion of at least 30 semester hours of graduate level course work and research hours. Generally, students take 15 hours of formal courses and 15 hours of research and thesis.

Graduate thesis biology

The non-thesis track of the Master of Science in biology is ideal for two types of students: Those seeking to enhance their academic record in preparation for future application to medical school or another professional healthcare graduate program such as veterinary school or physician assistant programs.

Graduate faculty research interests include biochemistry, cellular biology, development biology, ecology, genetics, microbiology, neurobiology, physiology, and plant sciences. Degree Requirements: Degree candidates are required to complete a minimum of 36 semester credit hours approved by the student’s Graduate Advisor of Record.

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