How the west was won essay

How the West Was Won By: After all a quick glance at a map of these thirteen original colonies will tell you that they all where established along the East Coast and where most generally located on a river or body of water. What is strange about this is just how different each of these separate areas of settlement turned out to be. After all they where located relatively close to one another and should have had adequate communication available to them by the numerous water channels close at hand.

How the west was won essay

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Order your paper at How the west was won essay prices with livepaperhelp. One of the officers verbally abused an Aboriginal man waiting to be served at the bar. This man, Ashley James, was followed out of the hotel where one of the policeman knocked him to the ground.

James retaliated and an all out fight began with the off-duty police. People who tried to help him or rescue him became involved.

One such rescuer was John Pat. He was trying to pull Ashley James away from the fight.

How the west was won essay

As he did so, a policeman walked up to him and punched him in the mouth. A witness testified that John Pat 'fell back and didn't get up.

I heard his head hit the road'.

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The fight was over after fifteen minutes when police reinforcements arrived with a van. Despite his concussed and senseless condition witnesses stated that John Pat was picked up by the hair and kicked in the face. They also testified that they saw a policeman kick him.

Residents who live nearby, and prisoners, testified that police systematically beat six others including the unconscious John Pat. Dr John Hinton, a forensic pathologist, found that Pat had died of head injuries, which caused a brain haemorrhage. He had received 10 blows to the head; and half a dozen bruises above his right ear.

His lips were cracked and there were scratches on his face. Apart from the head injuries, Pat had two broken ribs and a tear in the aorta, the major blood vessel leading from the heart.

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What followed after John's death has all the classic features of a police cover-up. John Pat's body was washed before the police scientific photographers took pictures. The body's position was changed.

During the inquest, Detective Sergeant Scott admitted under cross-examination that it appears Roeburne Police had deliberately falsified the police records. Robert Joseph Walker died on the morning of Tuesday. August 28,while a prisoner in Freemantle prison, Western Australia, eleven months to the day after John Pat's death.

Robert was 25 years old. When Robert emerged onto the landing outside his cell and saw a prison officer standing there holding a gun he screamed, "They're going to kill me. The bulk of the 20 minute long assault took place on a grassed area overlooked by and in full view of a large number of cells.

How the west was won essay

After some 17 minutes on the lawn, the medical orderly administered an injection of the drug Largactil; Robert s body went limp, and he was handcuffed and carried away.

First official statements, not forthcoming till some 12 hours after the death, made no mention of the prisoner allegations. The prison officers involved were back on night duty the following night and were not ever subjected to police questioning. The prisons department put out stories in the mainstream press first of suicide, then of Largactil overdose, and on September lst and 2nd, a 'mystery illness' as the cause of death.

A post mortem conducted on the day of death by Dr Pocock, State forensic pathologist, did not find the cause of death and described only minor injuries to the body in highly technical and thus mystifying language. A second autopsy conducted in Adelaide found that Robert had died from 'acute brain damage due to an obstruction of the blood supply to the brain caused by compression of the neck.

Dr Manock, responsible for the finding, demonstrated a strong element of "professional colleagueship" in his relationship with Dr Pocock. They exchanged several phone calls before and after the second autopsy and at the inquest into Robert's death before Coroner David McCann, both testified in agreement that the injuries to the body were consistent with force of a "restraining nature", that Robert had most likely been strangled by a kind of headlock in the course of duty.

However, on cross examination, Manock conceded that he couldn't exclude at all that the injuries to the body, including the fatal injuries, were caused by numerous baton blows, kicks and punches as described in the very consistent evidence from 41 prisoner witnesses at the inquest.

After a delay of months, McCann found that 'the death arose by way of Misadventure' i. Significantly, four of the five prison officers involved declined to give evidence at the inquest; the fifth, Holbourne, gave evidence after having been granted immunity from prosecution.How the West Was Won Over the years some 25 million people have come to America.

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How the West Was Won. The Early American Colonies We have been . This essay appears in the Spring issue of the Intercollegiate Review, and is adapted from How the West Won: The Neglected Story of the Triumph of Modernity (ISI Books).

Read the rest here. How The West Was Won This essay How The West Was Won is available for you on Essayscom! Search Term Papers, College Essay Examples and Free Essays on Essayscom - . “The West won the Cold War” Discuss. Introduction The year saw the collapse of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republic).

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