How to write an application question

Why do you want to attend this school? Please answer this question given the specific undergraduate school to which you are applying. Yield In the first place, colleges want to admit students who will enroll. One way that colleges look desirable to prospective students is, in short, to be desirable to accepted applicants.

How to write an application question

Many Python and Django projects share common problems. Reusability is the way of life in Python. Check out Django Packages for existing reusable apps you could incorporate in your project. Django itself is also just a Python package.

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This means that you can take existing Python packages or Django apps and compose them into your own web project. You only need to write the parts that make your project unique. How do you make this app reusable? In Tutorial 3we saw how we could decouple polls from the project-level URLconf using an include.

A Python package provides a way of grouping related Python code for easy reuse. A package can be imported with import foo. A Django application is just a Python package that is specifically intended for use in a Django project.

An application may use common Django conventions, such as having models, tests, urls, and views submodules. Later on we use the term packaging to describe the process of making a Python package easy for others to install.

It can be a little confusing, we know.

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Now perhaps it is clearer why we chose to have separate template directories for the project and application: It makes the application self-contained and easier to drop into a new project. The polls directory could now be copied into a new Django project and immediately reused.

For that, we need to package the app to make it easy for others to install. You should install these two packages now. If you need help, you can refer to how to install Django with pip.

You can install setuptools the same way.

how to write an application question

Django itself is packaged very much like this. First, create a parent directory for polls, outside of your Django project.

Call this directory django-polls.I have already written a blog on Managed Extensibility Framework few days ago, and you must wonder why I am writing again. Well actually today I have been creating an application that could be easily plugged into a host application. In this blog lets show you in steps how you could easily create your own plugin based application and later change itself easily using MEF.

Write a Spark Application. Spark applications can be written in Scala, Java, or Python. There are several examples of Spark applications located on Spark Examples topic in the Apache Spark documentation.

The Estimating Pi example is shown below in the three natively supported applications. closed as too broad by Dave Jarvis, Leushenko, , Michael Zajac, Ray Nov 19 '14 at Please edit the question to limit it to a specific problem with enough detail to identify an adequate answer.

Avoid asking multiple distinct questions at once. Three types of questions The question you see in the essay section of your college application will most likely be one of three types.

Here are a few sample questions and suggestions for answering each type. To learn more about writing a strong application essay, read Tips for Writing an Effective Application Essay.

How to Write a Follow Up Email for a Job Application. After submitting an application or doing an interview it can be nerve-racking waiting to hear back, wondering how you did and what they thought of you.

Communicating in the right way. Questions asking students to solve nursing math problems, determine the most appropriate action, or verify the correct step in a nursing procedure are considered application-type test items.

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