Independence day in hindi language

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Independence day in hindi language

It is better to do the preparation before delivering any speech. If the audience is general public then the selection of the words should be simple and the speech should be delivered in a explaining manner and if the the audience is some geeky persons then you need to present the facts and to be precise in front of them.

Aaj ka din ham sabhi ke liye bahut khas hai. Main apani Bharat Maa ke bare me baat karne me garv kar raha hun.

Dosto aao aaj ke es pawan awsar par ham sab mil kar wada kre ki apne desh ko pure sansar ka sabse mahan desh bnaenge or kamyabiyo ki bulandiyo tak le jaenge. This occasion is really so much important for us.

I Independence day in hindi language so proud to talk to you about my mother India. On 15th of Augustwe got our independence. So this day is celebrated as the Independence Day of India. I am request you all to come ahead and make promise to yourself that we all will keep our country to the peak of the success.

Independence day in hindi language

Independence day speech — Honourable Chief Guest of the day, distinguished guests for the occasion, teachers, parents and all my dear friends, This day 15th August of every year is a golden day engraved in the history of the world.

We got freedom on this date and it is a day worth a celebration. When we celebrate it hoisting the flag, playing our National Anthem with fervor, distributing sweets, we need to sail back into the past to remember and pay homage to the builders of our nation. My dear friends, We were the privileged lot to have been born in free India.

We were able to breathe the fresh free air since our birth. If at all we want to know the pangs of agony of being slaves under a foreign rule, we must ask our elders born before It was indeed a Himalayan task for every Indian those days to fight against those powerful giants — the British rulers.

We must not allow those hard times and struggles fade away from our memories. Hence it is befitting for us to celebrate such National festivals and recall those heroic deeds of our National heroes. We remember them today. Right from Mahatma Gandhi to the local patriotic leaders we owe our gratitude.

When we regard those martyrs who laid their precious lives for our sake, we must not ignore the common people who sacrificed their lot for the good cause. There were farmers, land lords, businessmen, teachers, writers, poets and students who helped the land achieve the long cherished freedom.

Today we have come a long way in the path of free India.

We have proved ourselves worthy of freedom. We are considered as the largest democracy in the world. We are proud of it and feel very happy about all these positive aspects.

But are we blind to the black clouds surrounding us? Are we very successful in using our freedom in the right manner? If so, why should there be so many bomb blasts, killings, attacks on government offices, cases against so many politicians and so many unstable governments?

Independence day in hindi language

Well my dear friends, what can a student do at this juncture? Should we go and catch the terrorists? Should we fight against the corrupted politicians?

Or should we take over the country into our hands by waging another war for freedom? No, we are not expected to do all these things. We must keep observing things around us. We will have our own day. Before that, let us do our duty of preparing ourselves to be well-educated citizens of tomorrow.

Let us do our duty sincerely and study hard to achieve a goal. Today we require youngsters with lot of knowledge and energy.

Illiteracy is the first enemy for a democratic nation.

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Let us get rid of illiteracy and take India to a bright future.Independence Day of India Posted by Nitin Kumar on Aug 16, in Hindi Language India got its freedom (स्वतंत्रता – Svatantrata) from the British rule on 15th August, Before independence, the India state consists of Pakistan as well as Bangladesh.

भारत का स्वतंत्रता दिवस (अंग्रेज़ी: Independence Day of India, हिंदी. You can get below some essays on Independence Day in Hindi language for students in , , , , , and words. स्वतंत्रता दिवस निबंध 1 ( शब्द).

Best Collection on Independence Day (15 August) Speech, Bhashan In Hindi, English, Independence Day Speech for Kids, Children, 15 August Speech for Students in Hindi, English, 15 August Independence Day plombier-nemours.comndence Day Speech should be energetic and is better to do the preparation before delivering any speech.

Aug 15,  · 72nd Independence Day Speech Lines In Hindi English | 15 Aug Anchoring Script Speech In Hindi. Every year ob 15th August Independence Day is celebrated and observed a national holiday in India in order to commemorate independence of India from the United Kingdom.

Best Slogan Independence Day In Hindi Language. भारत हमको जान से प्यारा है, सबसे न्यारा गुलिस्ता हमारा है, सदियों से भारत भूमि दुनिया की शान है.

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