Issue of obsession with appearance

Some people spend more time than others, but taking care of our bodies and being interested in our appearance is natural.

Issue of obsession with appearance

Tweet 7 Shares For most people, taking a little bit of time in front of the mirror to be sure they look presentable is alright. After all, we want to be sure our hair is looking decent, makeup is in its place, and our clothes are presentable, but are you becoming obsessed with your appearance?

But when does the normal go to abnormal or obsession? Is the woman who spends two hours every morning applying makeup and doing her hair obsessed with her appearance? When normal body image concerns cross the line into more obsessive or abnormal concerns, mental health experts call this body dysmorphic disorder BDD.

In fact, they may consider themselves ugly, when in fact they are not ugly at all. Appearance issues usually begin in the teen years, as teens can be tough on themselves and tough on each other. Not only are they trying to figure out who they are separate from their parents, but they are also trying to fit in with their peers and find acceptance.

Issue of obsession with appearance

The stress of all of this can lead some teens to start becoming obsessed with their appearance. Signs of appearance obsession If you wonder if you or a friend is contending with appearance obsession, here are some telltale signs: Some spend hours snapping pictures to get that perfect one, which is a sign of obsession.


With the world being so engrossed in social media sites like Facebook, it seems as if more and more people are concerned about their appearance. Many people snap photos daily to post on Facebook or Instagram and with so many pictures can raise concerns for how one looks.

In addition, our society puts a lot of weight on how some celebrities look and many people become obsessed with trying to become like them. Sadly, our society can cause a certain type of image to become the norm, and men and women will put a lot of pressure on themselves to achieve that look.

Does it always end up as an obsession? Self-love is a goal worth going after, so embrace your whole self no matter what your appearance is.

In fact, many find it attractive when you are confident in yourself regardless of characteristics or flaws.There's a thin line between wanting to look pretty and becoming obsessed with perfection. of course, I hate — I realize it's not a lighting issue or the wrong lip gloss.

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People with BDD suffer from obsessions about their appearance that can last for hours or up to an entire day. BDD obsessions may be focused on musculature (i.e. fixation on muscle mass or definition). The more we’re obsessed with someone else, the more of ourselves we lose.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

When asked how we are, we may quickly change the subject to the person we’re obsessed with. A worldwide issue. All this obsession with image has led to a very real, worrying trend for plastic surgery in very young women (and men.) In a survey carried out in , 40% of 2, teenagers surveyed revealed they had considered some form of plastic surgery, and .

Issue of obsession with appearance

In general, research shows that body image in regards to appearance becomes less of a stress for women as they age. Studies show a decline in dissatisfaction of body image in college-aged women as they progress from the first .

It is both abnormal and untrue to think that if you do not look beautiful or handsome, others will take no interest in you. People do not usually choose friends according to physical appearance.

True, looks may be a factor at first, but personality, moral standards, and values are the true cement of friendship.

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