Modern day prophet essay

What can we do that is so small and relatively easy for us, but can make one of the biggest impacts on the world around us? What is one attribute that we can learn to possess and use that would always have a positive affect on those we come into contact with? It is very clear and very simple.

Modern day prophet essay

So, your essay on Muslim unity can be devoted to one of these denominations or to the relations between several Modern day prophet essay them. This is exactly what we will do while proposing a topic for your essays on Muslim unity.

We are going to give you some facts about rather complicated relations between Sunni and Shia. But first, we would like to tell you that your essay on Muslim unity can disclose some other aspects like Caliphate. It is a kind of federalism between Muslim nations, and can also be described as a form of political unity.

So, let us return to Shia-Sunni relations that you may study in your essay on Muslim unity. The first thing you should explain in your essay on Muslim unity is that Shia or Shiite and Sunni are the main denominations of Islam.

In the essay on Muslim unity you should definitely tell about the main differences between Shia and Sunni and the reasons for that. Actually, the split between these two denominations occurred after the death of the Prophet Muhammad in the year The main disputes were focused around the successor of the Prophet.

Sunnis believe that the rightful successor of Muhammad is Abu Bakr — his closest friend. Shias believe that Muhammad appointed Ali — his cousin and son-in-law to be the next caliph, and his direct descendants are the successors of the Prophet.

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Another difference between Shia and Sunni that can be described in your essay on Muslim unity is the opposite views on the nature of Mahdi in a few words, a redeemer of Islam. In the essay on Muslim unity you can tell that Shias believe that Mahdi will come on earth at the end of times and will bring perfect Islamic society on earth.

Sunnis believe that Mahdi will have a name Muhammad and will be a descendant of the Prophet.

Modern day prophet essay

Mahdi will come to revive the faith, but this can happen not necessarily at the end of times. Some differences in practices should also be described in your essay on Muslim unity. You can tell about Selah ritual prayer and describe the dissimilarities in how Sunni and Shia hold their hands, prostrate and how many times a day they pray.

In your essay on Muslim unity you can also tell about Mutah, temporary marriage, which is common for Shia and is not accepted by Sunni. Do not forget to mention the dissimilarities in clothes and in the process of giving names.

After describing the main differences between Sunni and Shia in the essay on Muslim unity, you can pass to the description of the modern relations between these two denominations. The relations between Shia and Sunni nowadays are rather tense. In some countries, like Saudi Arabia where Sunni dominate, Shia can be treated rather harshly.

On the other hand, in the Shia-dominated countries like Iran and Iraq Sunni are also mistreated. However, in your essay on Muslim unity you can mention that there are countries where the two denominations intermingle and can even have intermarriages.

Modern day prophet essay

In your essays on Muslim unity you can investigate not only the modern relations between Sunni and Shia. There are several periods worth mentioning. The first period is Some scientists regard the period after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire as the most peaceful in the relations of the major denominations of Islam.

Sunni and Shia united due to common threats of that time. In the essay on Muslim unity you can give the most remarkable example of their cooperation.

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