Write address on back of cheque pena

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Write address on back of cheque pena

write address on back of cheque pena

By Gilbert Doctorow The vast majority of commentary in U. After all, neither of the two top vote-getters, Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen, belonged to the major center-right or center-left parties, the Republicans and the Socialists respectively.

The ugly character assassination pervading the campaign was also noted.

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Inthe French presidential candidate best prepared by experience and knowledge to lead France out of its economic and social woes was Dominique Strauss-Kahn, at the time Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund. Inthe presidential candidate best prepared by experience and knowledge to lead France was Francois Fillon.

He offered both domestic and foreign policies that would mark a significant departure from the wishy-washy and ineffectual programs of Hollande and of Sarkozy before him. Perhaps most unorthodox of these policies within the Center-Right, from which he came, was his advocacy of good, constructive relations with Russia.

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But Fillon was brought down by a concerted campaign of character assassination. Yes, he was likely guilty of abusing the hiring privileges of his office to assign state compensation to his wife and sons. But that has been a very widespread abuse in the French political establishment and represents institutionalized corruption that did not begin with and will not end with Fillon.

Democratic politics is not for Boy Scouts. It has always and will always have rough edges — and candidates will not be perfect men and women.

write address on back of cheque pena

In this sense his candidacy parallels electoral politics in the United States, where being a black or being a woman has been used to draw votes to candidates who otherwise do not stand up to scrutiny. The Nasdaq finally broke through the 6, level.

European bank shares soared in reaction to the prospect of France being run by a former investment banker. However, if he wins the second round, Macron will come to office without an organization to govern, with only the slightest chance of achieving a parliamentary majority in the upcoming National Assembly elections in June.

He will be obliged to cobble together a ruling coalition, meaning there will be little coherence in his government and its policies.

Coalitions are formed to share the spoils of office, not to get things done. This will be a setback for those who had hoped France would break the stultifying consensus over austerity, over migrants, over sanctions on Russia — issues that are destroying the European Union from within.

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But the biggest loser may well be the French nation. Gilbert Doctorow is a Brussels-based political analyst. His latest book Does Russia Have a Future?The DVD and Blu-ray Store. Welcome to plombier-nemours.com's DVD and Blu-ray store.

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